PTR 2300 Vertical 60″ Cardboard Baler

Brand: PTR
Model: 2300
HP: 10HP
Bale Size: 60 x 30 x 48
Overall Height: 154”
Shape: V. Good
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For Sale

Perfect baler for most company’s.  Allow simple design with simple to use interface.
Brand: PTR
Model: 2300

Bale Size:   60x30x48
Cyl:         5"
Rod:         3”
HP:          10HP
Voltage:     208-230/440 VAC 3 ph
Material:    Cardboard, Shrink Wrap
Head Force:  50,900 lbs
Stroke Time: 50 sec
Avg Bale Wt: 850# (lbs)
Description: Good Shape
Warranty:    6 month on parts & labor
            Semi Auto Bale Eject
            Wired Ready for Your Voltage

This baler is available as a rental unit.

Additional information

Weight5100 lbs
Dimensions156 × 48 × 68 in

Good shape
Great for Rental

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