Renting recycling and waste stream equipment can make perfect sense. Service and repair are included in the rental agreement, and that means you have a nice even expense that is a 100% tax write off.

If you need a baler, compactor, or other type of equipment used in your business look below. Determine and select the type of machine you are interested to rent to learn more about equipment, the process, and advantages to purchasing.

Baler Rent
Baler Rent

Learn more about our baler rental program and how it could help you!

Compactor Rent
Compactor Rent

Learn more about how our compactor rental program may be right for you.

Other Rent
Other Rent

We rent other equipment too. Let us know your needs, so we can help!

Baler Rental

A baler can make sense to rent when you are just starting to create enough material to divert. Typically cardboard and plastics, like “shrink-wrap” are the plastics baled for recycling. Bales over certain weights are desirable in certain industries and carry a value that is based on current market prices. Depending on your volume ; it is possible to get a free baler set at your facility. Click here to learn more about Bale Buy Back programs we offer.

Compactor Rental

Compactors can save on your waste bill. Based on your volume of waste created you could save on haul off’s, lease of equipment, and just create a cleaner easier to manage trash area. Compactors come in all different kinds and shapes to find a solution for your business. Plus having a bill associated with your waste that doesn’t always get an increase every 6 months will be nice. Also, all maintenance and service is included within the rental agreement price. It just seems like a win-win scenario.

Other Rental

Sometime we can offer many different things that might go along with your business. From tilt carts, to pallet-jacks. Maybe even a forklift, or slim-jim waste recepticle’s. If you have a need you should just ask, we want to here from you.

Why not Purchase?

The cost of owning and maintaining a baler is less than you think. If you know you are in it for the long haul, and want to purchase,
Take a look at our inventory available for purchase. See what we have for rent!