Baling wire supplies, The most common sizes are available for your baling needs. Single end loop, or auto-Tie coils we have what you need.

Strapping Supplies Flattened Poly Cord, and PET Strapping are available for your Stock Room Baler. This helps tie off your bales and make an easy to grab place to help move them around.

Parts are available for your machine. Cylinder Repair kits, Key switches, E-stop switches, and motors are available, along with common components that you may need. Check below to shop for your part, or give us a call 1-888-440-2671

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Bale Wire

We supply several different wire sizes for baling. Learn more about our pricing and availability for your needs.

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We offer strapping for smaller balers and pallet securing. Learn more to see if we can help.

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Contact us for your baler and compactor replacement and repair parts. Learn more about what we stock now.

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Find out if we have it in stock. Parts, Wire, or Strapping.

How Do I Know What Size Baling Wire I Need?

14 gauge and 13 gauge is often good for cardboard baling. The gauge depends on preference and the quantity of wire used per bale. More compressive material should use larger diameter wire. (The smaller the gauge the bigger the wire). Foam, like carpet padding will require a larger wire closer to 11gauge or bigger.

Quantity Discounts On Wire Orders?

Sure, we typically give a discount at the quantity of 3 bundles. Quantities over 10 is the next break. Also, there are prepaying discounts that can be applied. Let us know what you need!

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Emergency Delivery?

Depending on your location from us, we can offer quick delivery. That’s delivery within hours! Check out the maps to see how far you are. See the store for Emergency Delivery Charge.

FREE Delivery?

Yes, It doesn’t always work out, but when you pre-order we can drop it for free when we are near you. This doesn’t always work out, and is tied to how far you are from us, but contact us if you have a question and see if it will work for you!