Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers come in all different sizes, Shapes, and functionality.

Basically, as the name suggest these are machines the smash the recyclable material and go sideways, or horizontal to create a bale.

Horizontal balers have 3 main classifications or types they fall under. The main types are “Closed Door“, Auto-Tie“, and “2-Ram“. They range in size from 10HP to 250HP.

Considered real work horses and are best suited for higher volume of recyclable material while offering less labor to create the bales.

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Horizontal balers “Closed Door”

This is the closest thing to a vertical baler set on its back. Material typically is loaded in the top via conveyor or dump carts, and auto cycles as material loads up, then cycles over and over until you have a full bale. Closed Door balers, also called closed end balers come in “wide-mouth” design, which is very much like a vertical baler on its back. The standard closed-end baler tends to be more narrow than 60″ and requires less HP to compress the material into a bale.

Horizontal balers “Auto-Tie”

As the name suggest the end is opened, and relies on compression and friction to create a compression force from the main cylinder to create a bale Material typically is loaded in the top via conveyor, and auto cycles as material loads up, then cycles over and over until you have a full bale. Where as a person had to tie off the bale in a closed door baler, the auto tie baler ties off the bale once complete. Auto-tie balers are more material minded. Thus, meaning some types of material won’t be as good as others based on the open end of the baler.

2-Ram balers

are near the pinnacle of current modern technology. They have two main rams, hydraulic cylinders to complete the densification of material. Cylinders can reach up to 18″. They also have conveyors that feed material up to the machine to fall into the top of it. A main advantage of a 2-ram is that the can have a door to create separation of material types. What does that mean? It means you could run cardboard until lunch and then start with plastic, or aluminum. This is why we said the pinnacle, because of the diversification of operating and changing material on the fly.

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