Stationary Compactors

Compactors help keep your waste stream manageable. .By organizing all your waste into one area and protecting possible sensitive info from scavengers, and deterring pest like rodents.

Stationary balers are best used for commercial and industrial operations where a dryer waste stream is created. These balers come in different styles and receiving boxes come in different sizes.

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To learn more about what type and size Compactor you need for your business let’s dig a little deeper.

Stationary Compactors come in a range of sizes. The size needed is directly related to how much waste you produce within your business. The average 2 yard stationary compactor means; you can put about 2 cubic yards of trash in the “charge chamber” that can be pressed into the receiving container. This charge chamber can range from 1/2 a yard to 5 yards.

The receiving box is what the trash hauler takes away with a stationary compactor, thus giving it its name. Receiver boxes, also called “cans” come in a range of sizes for a stationary compactor. Sizes range from 20 to 45 yard , but 30 and 40 yard receiver cans are typical.

Styles of stationary compactors are wide ranging. You can get little small apartment compactors that have movable containers on wheels to front load type, (like a normal dumpster you see in the movies), except this dumpster has a compactor built around it. Depending on your business needs, most stationary compactors are 2 yard charge chamber size. Which can come in auger type, or normal push type.

What makes the Auger type different? Well, instead of a big cylinder that pushes and compacts waste once it is full, and auger style has a big auger in it that will slowly break up and force waste into a container.

You can buy, or own your receiving container for the compactor. Much depends on your waste haulers lease expense (usually incorporated into your waste bill, so you can’t figure out actual expenses). Often getting a refurbished can with your refurbished compactor makes sense. You are only paying for waste and can change to a different service provider without worrying about cans. Although, the type of connecting hook may play a role in service provider availability. The hook capability is how the waste hauler truck connects and pulls the container onto the truck for haul off.

To learn more about containers check out this information.