Landoll Drexel SLT30 3000LB 36V Forklift, 2005, 4-Stage Mast, New Battery 2012


  • Fully operational and reliable for your everyday warehouse tasks
  • Enhanced reach with the 4-stage mast, perfect for high shelves
  • Newer battery ensures longer usage without frequent charging
  • Solid rubber tires reduce downtime and maintenance costs

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Upgrade your warehouse efficiency with the Landoll Drexel SLT30 Very Narrow Aisle Electric Forklift. This 2005 model is a powerhouse designed to optimize space and enhance productivity in confined areas. Fully operational with some signs of cosmetic wear, it is ready to meet your heavy-duty lifting needs up to 20 foot high.

What is Different About Drexel Lifts?

Drexel lifts, specifically the Drexel SwingMast forklifts, are known for several unique features that set them apart from other forklifts:

  1. SwingMast Technology: Drexel forklifts feature a unique SwingMast design, where the mast can rotate up to 90 degrees in either direction. This allows operators to pick and place loads without having to turn the entire forklift, making them highly efficient in very narrow aisles and tight spaces.
  2. Narrow Aisle Capabilities: Drexel lifts are designed for very narrow aisle (VNA) operations. This design optimizes warehouse space by reducing the aisle width needed for operations, allowing for more storage space.
  3. Versatility: These forklifts can handle various types of loads, including palletized goods, long loads, and awkwardly shaped items. The ability to operate in different warehouse environments and handle different types of cargo makes them highly versatile.
  4. Enhanced Maneuverability: The compact design and SwingMast technology provide excellent maneuverability, allowing operators to work efficiently in confined spaces without compromising safety or productivity.
  5. Multi-Directional Operation: Drexel forklifts can move forward, backward, and sideways. This multi-directional capability further enhances their usability in tight and complex environments.
  6. Operator Comfort: Drexel lifts are designed with operator comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic controls, spacious cabs, and good visibility, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.
  7. Electric Models: Many Drexel forklifts are available in electric models, providing an eco-friendly option with lower operational costs and reduced emissions compared to internal combustion engine forklifts.

These unique features make Drexel lifts particularly suitable for warehouse environments where space optimization and efficient handling of diverse loads are critical.



  • Model: SLT30
  • Year: 2005
  • Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • Maximum Mast/Lift Height: 240 inches
  • Mast Type: Swing – 4-stage mast
  • Lowered Mast/Lift Height: 81-90 inches
  • Battery: New battery installed in 2012 for extended operational life
  • Fuel Type: Electric, eco-friendly, and cost-effective
  • Tire Type: Solid Rubber for durability and low maintenance
  • Equipment Type: Counterbalance Forklift Truck


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Weight 12000 lbs
Dimensions 128 × 72 × 90 in

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