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Benefits to a Rental

​​1.Protect your working capital with steady affordable monthly payments.

2.Your rental payments are 100% tax deductible. Ask about our Bale Buy Back Program to reduce, or fully pay your rental agreement payment.

3.Your equipment will always be running with our “top-shelf” preventative maintenance program and repair program.

4.No extra surprise cost either! Service, that’s on us, it’s part of the rental agreement.

5.Delivery and installation are included as part of the rental agreement price.

6.You can choose to extend your rental agreement in 12 month terms.

7.You add or upgrade as it suits you…you are not bound, easy and flexible.

8.Your credit isn’t punished by a purchase obligation. Rent payments may even improve your credit history.

9.Upfront cost savings, and often that is when you need it most.

10.No liens on the asset, no worries, and no hassles.

11.Locked in rental rate for the term of the agreement.

12.We can remove and recycle your old worn equipment and give you 3-5 months FREE rent off of your new agreement.