Our firm is here to help you and your business. From any recycling needs you might have, to waste stream diversion planning.  Also, we can help set goals, plans, and how to implement those plans.  Service, we’re here to help you achieve your needs from getting back up and running to Preventive Maintenance service plans to fit your needs.

receptionist, Kelly at desk mostly deals in recycling balers and waste stream compactors. Parts, Service and Supply of refurbished equipment. recycling balers & compactors are refurbished and warranted for a greater period of time than other competitors warrant theirs. Our knowledge and ability to stand behind our equipment allows us to do this. Check out what we have available now.  

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RefurBalers is ran by Material Asset Recovery Systems LLC. (MARS) It is not DBA, it is MARS website named RefurBalers based on the idea of refurbished balers and compactors. Our Logo shows the premise of compacting and pressing.

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