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This letter was rewritten to remove names and shorten its length. However, we thought it was a great way to show how a refurbished baler can benefit and save you time and money.

A Story of a Used Baler Purchase

Dear Sirs:

I bought a good 60” baler for $3500 from a guy. It came out of a retail chain setting. I got to see it work (without cardboard though), and it seemed fine. So I bought it. I had to rent a forklift for $600. Pay my guys $400 to get it out of there. A friend let me borrow his trailer to haul it.

Now, the set up at my location; I had dock door height doors only and had to have the forklift moved and brought to my site and rent another forklift for the inside at $800 more. My guys didn’t prep the flip on its side for removal and shipping correctly, so the hydraulic oil leaked out. I bought hydraulic oil for $75. They set the baler upright, and everything went well with that.

They set it where I wanted it. The electrician hooked it up, but he had to change the voltage and a part on the motor starter to work with my building voltage, $250 extra. The electrician also said, when he hooked these up before they anchor them to the floor. I spend time calling around and find out, I should anchor it for safety’s sake, and OSHA’s. Rented a hammer drill and bought concrete anchors for another $100.

I had been up and running with the baler for about four months, and oil started to show on the bales. A local service guy came out and said: “the cylinder rod seal is shot, the cylinder needs to be rebuilt.” Might be able to rebuild it, but if it is too worn, you will need a rebuilt cylinder or new cylinder. How much is a rebuilt cylinder I ask?… He said: “typically $1600 plus labor”. So, I now have $5725 in a baler, and if I need the rebuilt cylinder, I will have $7325 plus labor in it. My used baler will have cost me more than twice as much as I paid. had quoted pretty much the same machine for $7424 with a six-month warranty, installed and delivered. If you count my time directing forklifts and balers around instead of my business that I know; it could be pushing $8000 for this used baler. Moreover, I thought I was saving $4000 bucks.


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