Learn more about our services! Repairs Services, Buy Back Programs, or Replacement Parts and Supplies, we have you covered. Find out more below by reading and clicking below..


Emergency Repair Service for your Baler or Compactor. For Learning more about Service Plans, or Waste Audits.


We buy cardboard, and plastic bales, Ask about how to get a free rental with our Bale Buy Back programs!


Baling Wire and replacement Parts for your balers & compactors. See if we can save you money!


Need Service Now?

call: 1-888-440-2671 To Schedule A Repair call!

Scheduled Service

Scheduled service is our Preventive Maintenance programs to keep your machine up and running before it breaks down. Different forms of intensity are available to customize a plan for you. Preventive Maintenance plans usually allow for the knowledge of what might be coming. A knowledgeable service tech can inform you of possible future breakdowns which make this something you can plan for instead of putting out a fire. Learn more about our Scheduled Service Programs here.

Parts and Supplies

Baling wire and strapping is a necessity when making bales. We stock and offer many common sizes, and we also will start stocking your size if we don’t already. See what sizes we stock now click here!

Parts for your baler are available trough us. Since we refurbish all balers we are not brand specific in our supply. We offer and stock most all parts for balers and compactors. If we do not have it, we will do our best to find it! Click here to learn more about our parts we stock!

Bale Buy Back

Our Bale Buy Back program was started to make customers feel at ease know that they can get rid of the heavy bales they create with there new baler. It has slowly grown to other customers who may not have bought a baler from us. We look forward to your inquiry about our Bale Buy Back program and hope you will Learn More here!