Cardboard Bale Programs

Do You Produce Cardboard Bales?

If you produce cardboard bales now, or are just thinking about it. Let us know how we can help. Often it can be daunting in finding a solution to recycle your bales. Our way is easy, we load our truck with our forklift. Make it simple, let your employees do there job that brings in money for your company.

Minimum Bale Weights

There are no minimum bale weights, but the 700lb and greater bale brings a better amount. Mills that recycle the bales want 700lb, and some are 800 lb bales of cardboard. This is where it save them money in handling and shipping. Since we ship and handle 50% or greater, we can take on the smaller balers if need be.

Quantities For Pick Up

We often play this by ear. We ask that you store as many as you can before it becomes cumbersome and in your way. This will help reduce cost associated in the stopping and loading.

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Common ask questions…

What are you recycling, or baling?

Much depends on what you are baling, or planning to bale to generate a Return On Investment (ROI). Typically cardboard, white office paper/ ledger, shrink wrap/ soft plastics are the most common recycled products placed in bales. This is usually post use retail environments, but industrial and commercial applications can generate pre and post use waste that needs recycled. Specialty material may be generated that needs a special consideration.

Size Matters

Size does matter, at least when it comes to bales it does. Because of cost of shipping, and processing most recycle plants/ mills want bales over 700lb. This typically means a 60” baler, but manufacturers make 48” balers that can make what is called a “mill size bale” .

Free rental program

Because of bale rebates, you can rent a baler from us, with includes parts and maintenance that may be needed. And have your rental paid for, or reduced depending on the bale quantity produced. Get a Free waste audit to fill out and see if you can go free.

Return On Investment, ROI

A new machine can easily last 20 years with general maintenance, a refurbished unit can go 10 plus years. Two bales per week and recycle bin savings can give you a ROI less than 2 years with a new baler. That means an estimated $100,000 profit for the life of the machine. Get a Waste Audit from us, and see if you should think long term.

What is your Volume of recyclable product?

The volume of product can make you upscale to a horizontal baler. A variety of recyclables may make you look at a 2 ram baler. We can help you understand what your volume is and convert it to your monthly bale volume easily for you. The higher the volume, the better your rebate can be, and ROI shorter than you may think.

Waste Audits

We can come to your site and evaluate your needs. We also have a form that can answer 90% of your questions. Ask for your Waste Audit form today.