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Types of Strapping for Baling: What types of strapping do you need for baling small bales? Typically they are spools of “Flattened Poly Cord” they a woven polyester, or other type of plastic. Made like a rope, but flattened for ease of use.

What is the Green Translucent Strapping? That strapping is often called PET Strapping, it is a very strong, and it should be noted, a recyclable material. Typically used with a tightener that uses clips, or a thermal unit that requires no clips.

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How do you tie a loop?

The common way is to make a loop at the one end. Then take the loop (about 4 to 6 inches from the end of the loop, and create a knot. Once you pull the knot and it tightens, you have created a loop! Good Job!

What Size Strapping Does My MilTek Baler Use?

Most MilTek, Bramidan, and Ortak small balers use mm (millimeters) to describe their flattened cord. But to convert it to inches and feet, the typical spool is 1/2 wide x 1500 feet long. See the product here.

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