Other Rental Form

You may or may not know about our rental program by now. This is the page to find out more detailed information for your self. But fill out the form to find out more, or check out the files for download that will help explain the rental program a little better.

Used Equipment Contact Form

With this information we collect here we will do our best to find a used machine in your area. To get started just a take 30 seconds and fill out our form…We will start to work right away and get back with you to see what we can find

Other Rental Form:

As your filling out the form we wanted to give you access to more of our information on the rental program. See how an average baler compares in cost with a purchase, or a lease.

Did you know that all maintenance is included with a rental unit. That is something that may come as a breath of fresh air when starting up a business, or just trying the whole cardboard diversion thing. Your monthly expense is set. No worries about a bad switch, or pump. Below you’ll find the rental brochure for download, check it out.

You know we are only a call away…just give us a call 1-888-440-2671 and we can answer your questions over the phone, or at least get back to you with the answers! Hope to hear from you.