Hydraulic Tank Reservoir Level Gauge with Temp

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Hydraulic Tank Reservoir Level Gauge w/ Temp

  • Allows to check level and condition of oil
  • Thermometer measures in F and C scale
  • Fits 5″ Centers and 1/2 holes.

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Hydraulic Tank Reservoir Level Gauge W/ Temperature

Replace that cloudy or leaky gauge

Mounts to a tank with 5” centers

Fits most brands Balers or Compactors with 5″ centers


Check for fit:

Measure the center to center distance of the to bolts.  Most are 5”, but some measure 4”.  To use this it needs to measure 5”


NOTE: Remember, once you decide to change the level gauge, you will need to remove the hydraulic oil to below the lowest holes level.  The tank should have an access port cover to get to the back side (the nuts).  If there is no access cover, the gauge may not work?  Usually older balers and compactors tanks some manufacturers welded the nuts in place?  Then the bolts will need to be the same thread size to work.



Threads of bolts: 1/2″-13

Diameter bolt: 1/2″

Center to center distance: 5”

Sticks out from tank when mounted: <1”


Have any questions? call: 1-888-440-2671


Additional information

Weight385 lbs
Dimensions7 × 2 × 2 in

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