Hydraulic Tank Reservoir Metal Breathable Cap


Screw On Vent Cap for Hydraulics
  • Allows Tanks and Reservoirs to breathe
  • Threads are 3/4 NPT (1-1/16″)
  • Fits Most all brand balers and compactors

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Hydraulic Tank Reservoir Metal Breathable Cap 3/4″ NPT Screw On

Tank Filler Cap w/ Vent

Replace that plastic cap, Lost cap, bad cap!

Screws into a ¾” NPT fill tube for filling your hydraulic oil

Fits most brands Balers or Compactors


Check for fit:

Remove old cap, or plug…it should measure about 1-1/16” across.


NOTE: Remember, you should not plug the hole because of the hydraulic cylinder filling and moving oil.  The tank needs to breathe so a vacuum or pressurization does not happen.  A breathing vent cap allows this and adds years of service to you pump and reservoir.



Threads: ¾ NPT (about 1-1/16” in diameter)

Diameter of head: 3-3/8″

Height of head screwed in place: 2-7/16″

Overall Height of cap: 3″


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Additional information

Weight385 lbs
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

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